10 August 2022

A Little Midweek Dawdling

Well, Monday was productive, and Tuesday was busy.  But today, I am completely lacking in motivation. Hubby has appointments today, but I do not.

I took the opportunity to catch up on blog comments this morning, until both Blogger and Typepad starting acting up and signing me out on their own.  But never fear, I will get back to it sooner rather than later.

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Monday was laundry day as usual, but I got around to lots of other little pick-up/put-away type chores too.  I even managed an hour of ironing.

I also listed a few items on eBay and two stamps sets (that I had mistakenly bought duplicates) sold right away.  I had a list of 4 cards I needed to get into the mail for our church group too.  So I made a quick afternoon trip to the post office to drop all that off.

In the afternoon, we also had an appointment at the home decor center to pick out light fixtures.  I had done some preliminary online scouting, but wasn't finding what I wanted.  The gal at the center picked up on my preferred style and was able to find most of what we needed.  Hopefully, just 1 more appointment and we will be done.  Then it will be onto the flooring store.

Source: pngtree.com

First thing Tuesday, I had my annual eye appointment for my contact lens examination.  Actually I had delayed it for 18 months because I still had a couple several months of contacts left.   All the tests had good results and all was age appropriate.  He actually made me feel younger rather than older.

Maybe it was just public relations though, as it was my first time meeting with the new optometrist.  My previous eye doctor retired last year.  The new younger fella was very nice.  He increased my prescription strength but a little bit for glasses (which I don't wear, but he writes it anyway in case I want to get them later on) but did not tweak my contacts prescription.  One of the brands that I use has been discontinued, so he had to switch that out for a different kind - which would match up to the same manufacturer as that is used in my right eye. One eye has a distance lens and the other a close-up lens, and my brain magically makes them work together.  Just the switch to the different kind helped enough that no increase in strength was needed. In fact, a higher strength actually made my distance vision worse. I should have no trouble adjusting to the new type, but will give it a week or two before ordering my 6 months supply.

In the afternoon, we met with the first of the builders who will be giving us an estimate on our addition.  As it happens, as we were walking around the outside of the house, the guy from the brick company (who had been sent out by another builder who we will meet with later in the week) was trying to match the "pink" brick.  He was actually the fella that had sold it to us back in 1995 and remembered it was called St. Ives.  Hubby and I both immediately recognized that name.  It was discontinued about 5 years later, he said.  But the builder assured us that they could get pretty close, sometimes employing a bit of glaze/stain applied one time to the surface of the brick to change up the look a little bit.  We shall see how close they come to my salmon, which sounds so much classier than pink, brick.  😉😉

That brings me to Wednesday, today. After a bit of late breakfast, I tackled a load of towels that needed washing, and then caught up on podcasts until hubby brought home my favorite lunch from The Granola Jar.  It is a 3 salad special called Three's Company.  You have your choice of  any 3 of their 8 salads.  My faves are creamy chicken, jalapeno macaroni and Korean slaw.  After I finished that, I took a short nap while hubby did a bit of yard work.

Finally around 3 p.m. my motivation kicked in and I decided to clean up some of the photos on my computer.  And you know what that means - DOWNLOAD DUMP!

This last one brings me to some good news we got in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  The power utility is finally putting us in the group of like consumers who use less than the average quantity of energy for like sized homes.  This is completely and totally due to the insulation we added in the attic last year.  We saw a little improvement in our heating bill, but our cooling costs have dropped dramatically.  Of course, by the time the "investment" of extra insulation pays off, it will be time to move!

One final thought.  This caught my eye because I have this print (not the poster with the saying) in my home.

How's your week shaping up -- joy, laughter and great possibilities?


  1. All I've got to say is if that's dawdling, then the rest of us are downright sloths!! You accomplished an amazing amount of things today. Maybe I should look at adding extra insulation. That's quite a savings. Love that print.

  2. I like print & the blessing that is on it. Sounds like the addition to your home is moving ahead & nice to be working with professionals that understand your style & your plans for the look of the addition. We spent a good deal of Wednesday with a landscaping group that we had booked months ago as they started & completed the project ... the completed project brought Mr Man a lot of joy as it looks just like he envisioned. Happy husband, happy life :)

  3. I would say you have been very productive! It sure sounds like it:) I hope the weekend ahead will be just as lovely - and maybe even a tad bit cooler!

  4. I like that quote about the goals!