30 September 2022

2022 Edition - Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

Well, I am either good or lucky.  And who was it that said if you are only one then it is better to be lucky.  It turns out that I never referred to the photo hunt list all summer, even though I printed it out twice and one copy even made it into my purse. Still I did not refer to it.

Despite which I managed to get quite a few snapshots for the hunt, and with much less creative interpretation of the prompts than in prior years and a reasonable number of His Royal Highness to ramp up the fun factor.  And, as usual, it is a pretty fair representation of our summer.  Maybe that is even a benefit of not using the list.  These are photos I would have taken any way.  Enjoy!

·        Path - A path on a much higher plane, the ropes course at Union Station in St. Louis.  Thankfully, we did not have time to follow this path that day. That makes it the path not chosen, I suppose.

·         Peek-A-Boo - can you see my reflection in the window of the Pier 17 restaurant.  Obviously, I am not the most attention-attracting being in the shot.

·         Stairs - the compact and very useful kind.  We need these at home.

  •   Faceless Selfie - Hubby and I toasting at the Annual Bourbon Affair, which was held in September this year, instead of November.  We will drink to that!

·        Something That Looks Like A Number or Letter - The swirl on this wine bottle looks like my favorite letter; I do love S in a flowing script font!  I could do a whole post on the pretty wine labels I snapped on a trip to see our daughter.  In fact, I already did.

  •  A Corner - the corner of my kitchen which will attach to the new addition.  As it is in a bay window, it is not a 90 degree angle.  I will only be losing the left window.  The windows on the right, will be replaced with a single, slightly more narrow one.  I snapped the photo at one of the builders' request, so they could estimate the new window costs.

·         Leaf Vein - Lariope, come for the flowers, stay for the leaves.

  •  Sipping On - When in St. Louis . . . get in the spirit.  This was hubby's but I did take a sip and I recall the flavor being very caramel.

·       Changes Shape When Wet - that would be any school of fish; not to mention, changing direction as well.  These were at the Saint Louis Aquarium.

·       OMG, The Shoes -- Cute blue shoes!  There is no disputing this when they even get noticed by your Pastor, who was obviously at a loss for small talk topics, if he resorted to that.

·         Yellow & Blue Together - taken on our initial outing to a new thrifting haunt in Evansville.

  •   Fuzzy Wuzzy Texture - the dog or the terry cloth towel, you decide.  HIs ear is pulled back as he patiently awaits your response.

  •   All Gone, Empty - I boxed up a lot of handmade cards to send to Cards for Kindness, the basket has since been filling up again.

·       Left Overs - 4 days of scrapbooking with my sister leaves us with a lot of scraps.  For those interested there is a layout share video coming up on my CTMH channel.

·        Wind Power - We noticed this on one of our morning walks.  Wind gusts during a summer thunderstorm took out an RV camper at the nearby campgrounds; we did not hear of any serious injuries, thankfully.

  •  Oh So Colorful - this mural by Jessica Jones in Lafayette Square, Saint Louis.

·       Out of Place - both of them. Lady Olivia on Duke's Serta Sleeper; he is certainly keeping an eye on the situation!  She only took a single nap here on her initial visit, and then after trying several locations in the music room, she eventually found "her spot" under our bed for the long haul and he reclaimed his Serta.

·       In The Distance - I never tire of snapping photos of the Arch, from many angles but always from a distance.

·       Culture, Yours Or Another - Fiesta Cardenales, the Cardinals welcome all members of the Latino and Hispanic community for an annual cultural celebration at Busch Stadium.  [Los Cardenales dan la bienvenida a todos los miembros de la comunidad Latina e Hispana para una celebración cultural.]


·      You Grew It, Made It - A scrapbook layout I made this July, documenting last July.

·         Invokes A Childhood Memory - We stopped by my high school on one trip to Saint Louis.

·       Add, 1-2 To Change The Taste - Ranch dressing and fresh cracked pepper improve the flavor of steamed mixed vegetables.


·         Alt A: Recent Purchase - recent, but not rare!

·         Alt B: Sunset - Sunrise was the best I could do. Although "alternately" it would be sunset if I had been far enough east of here and shooting westward.  So it counts, definitely! 😉

·         Alt C: Free Choice - Pretty patriotic, don't you think.

Do hop round and see what all the other ladies have snapped this summer.  They actually hunted for photos, while I merely gathered them. 😊

ETA:  I was remiss in not adding my thanks to Mary Lou at Patio Postcards for organizing the hunt and challenging us with such interesting prompts.  You can find links to the other shutterbugs over there.  Thanks Mary Lou!!


  1. Great finds for the prompts, even if you didn't refer to the list! Well done!

  2. You found some great photos - even more impressive that you managed to find things for the prompts without thinking about what the prompts were!

  3. Susanne thank you for joining in with the 2022 SPSH. You have some great finds in your collection. Of course my favourites would be those of The Duke, he's so cute. Of course I do recognize some of your Stampin Up purchases - the label punch has been tempting me.

  4. I haven't been to Union Station in at least 20 years. They have a ropes course?? I presume it's in the train shed. Also, you have to be at a distance to actually capture the arch!! I don't think I ever mentioned to you that I am from a long line of sheet metal workers--4 of whom actually worked on the arch!

  5. You did really well considering you didn't consult the list. I've enjoyed seeing all of them but the one of The Duke stands out as my favourite.

  6. Your leftovers are very similar to mine. Duke is definitely the cutest, but I also like your Colorful photo and the empty basket.

  7. A great haul and yes you have certainly been lucky! I am not familiar enough with the list to know which ones you failed to get, but a quick count-up tells me it couldn't have been that many. Love "oh so colourful", and that arch is doing my eyes in! I can't work out which leg is closer to the camera!