28 November 2022

Me On Monday - All Out Of Pie

. . . but not out of whipped cream! 

Last night, it was hubby's idea (honestly!)  that we each have two small pieces of pie that DIL had brought to Thanksgiving with our light (honestly!) dinner so that we could finish it off.  Yes, two pieces each!  He got no argument from me; I immediately whipped up a fresh batch of cream.

Overnight the whipped cream lost most of its loft.  Still, it was yummy in this morning's hot chocolate.

Looking back, it seems that I have begun a habit of eating leftovers each early morning to break my fast.  Since Turkey Day I have had (in order) leftover green bean casserole, leftover candied sweet potatoes and leftover cherry crisp.  All of those are gone, as well as the mashed potatoes and stuffing which we enjoyed with DD on Friday.

We almost knocked off the turkey last night too - sprinkling some on Duke's meal and using most of the rest in turkey chili.  Hubby was chopping up the turkey, and it seems he left just enough for one more cold turkey sandwich, which he really enjoys.  So by today's lunch (he wouldn't eat leftovers for breakfast, ever!), it will be gone.  It was only an 11 pound bird, and although we had sent quite a bit home with the kids, it seems to keep on giving.

So what remains is the cranberry salad.  I may quit making this for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I have tried several recipes, trying to keep it simple, because it is simply not everyone's cup of tea.  I no longer believe them when they say they will forgo it on their first plate which is full of savory items, and come back for it and the sweet potatoes for seconds.  They always remember the sweet potatoes, but not the cranberries.  Maybe these berries are best left as garnishes for cocktails.

I will try one last time this Christmas and will make hubby's mom's recipe which I believe is really his aunt's recipe.  It is rather labor intensive and I personally don't think it is worth it.  My SIL disagrees and makes it annually, freezing a portion for Christmas.  If only she didn't live across the country, she could bring it to our house.

In other news, Duke has a new "little brother."  Meet Yuri.  He is just 10 months old, and was (mostly) well-behaved. I think he looks intelligent. He still needs lots of training and adjusting to his new home.

I would love to be able to read Duke's mind.  I would bet he finds him both fun and exasperating at times.  He often ignores him (until Yuri won't let him any longer and wants to play).

So with Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, it is time to turn our thoughts to Christmas.  Of course, Black Friday sales were on the agenda - I partook only virtually.  There were local reports here that the parking lots were not jammed as they had been in previous years, but still I will wait until mid-week next week to make a quick trip to the mall.  We don't have nearly the number of independent little shops anymore, sadly.  Those used to be my favorite expeditions, but I will pop into the 3 in our little town and try to support them.

I managed 3 (or was it 4) orders of scrapbook items (having made a timely determination earlier this month that my craft spending was down significantly from last year - thank you, Quicken).  I also procured several gift items from Amazon. And I have an order to pick up from Target today. The sale prices were nice, but there were not many reductions of 40% or 50% to be found.  Thank you, inflation!

The tradition of putting up the tree on the weekend after Thanksgiving also went by the wayside this year.  MIL has had some rough days this past week, so our focus has been there.  Our calendar is sprinkled with commitments this week, so it may be the week-end before the trees go up.  Still, that would be Dec. 1 & 2, so not too bad.  And given the fact that we have temporarily moved furniture to the music room from the bonus room, there is no room for a tree in there.  Won't hubby be crushed to learn he only has to put one tree up this year (okay, not crushed at all!)

My birthday was also celebrated recently.  Here are just a few of the cards I received (friends L & L pegged me with those top 2), along with text messages and Facebook greetings. A couple more are buried in the heaping pile of mail downstairs that is mostly catalogs.


The cabinets for the scrapbook studio were installed last Tuesday.  So far, I spent 4 short sessions totally rearranging my space.  I pulled everything off of every shelf and out of half the closed cabinets so far, not to mention that Raskog.  My stash is stacked (somewhat precariously) on the new worktable and is slowly (and somewhat methodically) being put back, although I cannot completely finish until they come back to address a small punch list of items.  The cabinets are beautifully matched to the existing ones, including the extra shelves for this existing unit, on which you will find my 15 year accumulation of stamp sets.

Okay, I had better run along, the mug of hot chocolate was not a sufficient breakfast, and I want to get into the studio for at least an hour before turning my attention to the week's other chores.  Let me leave you with an outtake from our photo shoot on T-day.  I need to edit the rest and select and print "the one" for our Christmas cards, which are ready to go out as soon as that is done.  I had all day Tuesday to work on them at the kitchen table while the guys were working in the studio.

Well, I have more I could share, having skipped last week's post, and I hope to get around to see how you are all doing . . . right after . . . checking out those Cyber Monday sales.


  1. Sorry to hear that your MiL has been having a bit of a rough time. Sending prayers. And quickly I follow with happy belated birthday wishes to you. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving gathering. Yuri looks like he is quite a strong dog. And your creating room looks like it is coming together nicely. I did not do any Black Friday shopping online or in person - I'm working on that FOMO. :)

  2. Belated happy birthday!
    Do you know, I think I prefer the left overs from a big dinner to having it all hot on a plate together! I cannot resist a left over sausage, and never leave me alone with a plate of cold chicken or turkey.
    Can I share with you a lovely cranberry sauce cheats recipe which is delicious and if it doesn't get eaten you haven't spent hours making it - you simply add buttery cooked apples and cinnamon to a ready made jar https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fruit-recipes/cheat-s-cranberry-sauce/
    Absolutely delicious and no one will guess you didn't spend time making it!

    1. Actually, this is pretty much the recipe I use, although I add in a tablespoon or two of orange juice to brighten it up. I don't use a bay leaf. It is tasty, I just don't think anyone else in my family likes it enough to actually try it. ;-)

  3. Belated birthday wishes. If your birthday is Nov 26th we could be twins!

    Sorry to hear that your MiL has had some rough days and hope she is doing better now.

    I'm with Debs14 and actually prefer the meals made from leftovers than the original meal and am disappointed when all the leftovers are finished.

    Hope you enjoy your Christmas decorating and also wish you luck with your sales shopping.

  4. Happy birthday! I trust it was a good one. This year I tried genuine pumpkin pie for the first time :o) Quite nice, but it was quite a bit darker than yours and the spice flavour much more intense than I had expected. I think some cream or something would have been good. All the best to MiL; I hope she is soon through her rough patch. :o)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Even my brother-in-law will eat my cranberry-orange sauce--although I hate to call it a sauce; more like a relish. I love it on grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving. (Actually, I can eat it with a spoon right out of the container.) It's also delicious over baked Brie at Christmas. I'm contemplating replacing my bookshelves, desk, etc. in my craft area, but it seems like an overwhelming project! Looking forward to seeing your new space!

  6. Happy belated birthday!
    Hope your MIL is feeling better, now.
    Yummy looking pies - my daughter and I managed to eat our way through two pies all by ourselves! :D
    You look great in that outtake photo! :)